Request for Proposals

2017 Pilot Grants and Curricular or Collaborative-Building Grants

The mission of the UCI Initiative to End Family Violence (IEFV) is to be the premier site for research, education, clinical care, and community collaboration on family violence prevention and intervention.

The IEFV is pleased to announce a call for two types of grants that will foster innovative interdisciplinary study, research, or projects targeting family violence.

  • Pilot Grants in the amount of $20,000-$25,000 will be conferred.
  • Curricular or Collaborative-Building Grants in the amount of $2,000-6,000 will also be conferred.

Pilot Grant Criteria

Pilot Grants of $20,000-$25,000 are intended to foster innovative interdisciplinary research on family violence at any stage(s) across the lifespan. Applicants should submit proposals that advance the prevention of or intervention in family violence or knowledge of the dynamics of family violence. Emphasis will be placed on the innovation and transformative potential of submitted proposals.

Participation of members of at least two schools or programs at UCI is required.

Grants are intended to support a new research endeavor rather than an existing undertaking. These research grants are not intended to fund a program or the evaluation of a program.

Principal Investigators must be fulltime UCI faculty from any school or discipline.

Curricular or Collaborative-Building Grant Criteria

Grants of $2,000-$6,000 will be available for curricular or collaborative-building efforts, such as creating a new interdisciplinary course on family violence; bringing together experts for a colloquium; creating collaborative projects; forming partnerships and planning research-oriented projects, including gaining IRB approval; conducting a small-scale study that generates findings to be further studied or tested in a larger, follow-up research study; or other endeavors that lead to projects, collaborations, publications, or online or in-person courses. Proposals will be considered for their ingenuity and potential to contribute to the increased understanding of, prevention of, and/or intervention in family violence.

Community organizations, faculty, healthcare providers, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, or senior researchers may apply for curricular or collaborative-building grants. Teams must be comprised of at least one UCI researcher.

Application Components

(for Pilot Grants and Curricular or Collaborative-Building Grants)

  1. Project description (Abstract, 350-word maximum)
  2. A research plan or detailed project description (5-page maximum) that includes:
    1. Specific Aims
    2. Significance/Impact
    3. Innovation
    4. Approach/Design
    5. Applicants should identify whether the proposed project is community-partnered and should describe the implications for the community.
  3. Biosketches (in new NIH format) of applicant(s)
    (Community participants may submit resumes instead of biosketches)
  4. Timeline (1 page, detailed plan for completion of the project by January 1, 2018)
  5. Any plans for future extramural funding (agency, grant format, application dates)
  6. Home department letter of support, identifying availability of any matching funds (not mandatory, but preferred)
  7. Itemized budget (1 page, must clearly state the total budget for the project and the amount requested from the IEFV)
  8. Budget Justification. Funds cannot be used to support the PI’s salary or computer purchases. Other personnel salaries are allowable. No overhead will be provided for outside institutions.
  9. UCI Financial Disclosure (Form 800 and if required Form 810)

All submissions must include the investigators’ names at the top right corner and use a font no smaller than 11 pts, with margins no narrower than 0.5 inches.

Home Department Involvement: For all proposal submissions, investigators are encouraged to request that IEFV funding be matched, at least in part, with departmental funds. This will allow the IEFV to support more projects. Applications without commitment of departmental funds remain eligible for funding.

Regulatory Approval: Please note that while having regulatory approval (IRB, IACUC) is not necessary at the time of submission, awarded funds will not be released, by NIH mandate, until such approval has been received.

Notification Emails for Receipt of Proposal: 
A notification email indicating the receipt of the proposal will be sent within 24 hours of submission.

Milestones, Monitoring, and Reporting:
 Before funds are released, a meeting between the awardee, a department financial analyst, and IEFV staff will set specific milestones to gauge project progression. Continuation of support throughout the entire award period will be contingent upon meeting the project’s goals in a timely manner. Awardees will be expected to provide a six-month and a twelve-month report with highlights, findings, and further actions. They will also present their research or project at an IEFV event.

Awardees are required to acknowledge the IEFV in all publications and presentations.

Opportunities for sustained funding for projects may be available.

Please direct questions to Prof. Jane Stoever, Director of the Initiative to End Family Violence, at, or to Stacy Tran, Prof. Stoever’s Faculty Assistant, at


Proposal Deadline: Monday, November 21, 2016, 5:00 p.m.
Award Announcement: December 20, 2016
Funding Period:  January 1, 2017-January 1, 2018

Submit proposals electronically to Stacy Tran at